About Us

Every time you eat is an opportunity to nourish your body. I started Slice of Nature because I am passionate about healthy eating and fuelling your body with wholesome nutritious food to get you through the day. Eating healthy is easy and delicious,  but many people are short for time to prepare food, or simply don’t know what their bodies need. Unprocessed foods or whole foods are packed full of the nutrients and goodness from nature to sustain and nourish you. When you are the most busy and under a lot of stress is when you should be taking care of yourself the most, however it is hard to find the time to prepare wholesome meals. You are what you eat, if you fuel your body with good wholesome food you will feel good. I wanted to make good healthy food easy and accessible to everyone, so I began Slice of Nature’s Wholesome Food Boxes.

With a background in nutrition and naturopathy I know the healing qualities of nature and how important diet is for our general wellbeing. I want to share recipes with you and prove how easy it can be to create delicious but nutritious meals at home for you and your family. Eating habits are learnt from a young age so it is important to nurture not only yourself but your children with wholesome foods from nature.  With your weekly Food Box, all your meals come portioned and prepared, taking away the stress and time of making dinner, while leaving you with the enjoyable experience of cooking new flavours. Now no matter how busy you are, you can always fuel and nourish your body with healthy meals from Slice of Nature. Our food boxes can be catered to feed the gluten and dairy intolerant, vegan, vegetarian and meat eating people, what you wont find in our food is processed products or refined sugars.